Reasons You Need To Invest In A Blender!!

When was the last time you went for blender shopping? If it’s a recent purchase, then needless to say it’s been around sometime; but an old one implies you must make way for an upgrade or invest on something more sophisticated, modern and multifunctional.

The world is practically moving at a break-neck speed, so the lack of efficiency in kitchen appliances or technologies means you will fail to keep at par with what’s around. Besides, it’s in our nature to see that life becomes a little easier!

Reasons You Need To Invest In a Blender!!

High-quality blenders will not only lessen your time and effort, but imagine having good jar cups, durable make, amazing designs, high-tech settings like ease, strength, flexibility and rigidity- wouldn’t that ensure the processes of mixing, chopping, grinding and such becomes hassle-free? Also, if you buy the best personal blender for smoothies you wouldn’t get watery smoothies or lumpy soups and fibrous fruit juices and shakes; So concentrate on what you purchase and enjoy the perfect texture and consistency for all the food items that you put inside. These reasons should govern your purchasing choice.

1) Durability

Power is one of the foremost factors when blending. It is on the basis of how regular your use is that you can determine the power of the blender. Measured in watt, the higher it is, the better for you! A frequent user should invest in a blender having high power and a strong motor.

Since durability is the key, why choose a weak motor at all that runs the risk of breaking within a month or two? Check out how the blender works on harder ingredients like leafy green, frozen fruits and veggies, nuts, seeds and dried fruits. To blend to perfection, a higher power of 1000 watts or more would be ideal. You can also check out best blenders for protein shakes as to make a protein shake you need a hard and strong blender.

In much the same way, crushing ice would also need very high power, alongside top-grade blades. A good purchase indicates that you’re quite protected for the future, meaning the blender would come with a good warranty and customer service.

The best portable blender for travel is not as strong as compared to other blenders. Portable blenders are made for light use such as mixing and making smoothies out of softer fruits. If you are a heavy user you can also check out best blender with glass jar.

2) Smart Blends

You wouldn’t really imagine to what extent technology has reached in kitchen appliances till you see the current lot. Blenders are no exception either. Move on from the mere ‘on/off’ button and check for high-quality gadgets. Blenders that come with multiple speed settings reach perfect texture for every ingredient.

So grind seeds and nuts at a very low speed and see for yourself how well they blend those with fruits into a creamy-smooth drink. Don’t forget to resort to pulse mode, when crushing ice. Some even come with automatic programs that you can choose, in addition to the regular work.

Your blends will be prepared in a jiffy and that too at a time when you’re probably doing something else. For example, advanced blenders have what is known as a ‘smoothie settings’- this begins with the pulse to grind nuts and frozen fruits and then shifts to a higher speed to combine all other ingredients. Check for the following foods that you can cook up while using superior models.

i) Frozen Treats:

Apart from the usual smoothies and juices, why don’t you put your blender to good use with delectable frozen treats? Get creative with snacking opportunities and see how desserts assume a new meaning thereafter. Churn up ‘nice cream’, using protein powder, milk, frozen fruits like bananas, apples, oranges, and so on, and don’t forget a dash of lime or chocolate sauce to spice things up. Crush ice and place on top or at the bottom of the preparation, as it demands. Pop those ingredients in the blender and get a ready-made treat, within seconds.

ii) Nuts, Seeds & Coffee:

Grind those fresh coffee beans in the blender by throwing them in and decide how coarse or fine you would want them to be crushed. About a handful of beans would be equal to two tablespoons of ground coffee. Once that’s done, pour that into the filter of the coffee maker and follow the normal process of brewing. In case you have no food processor to grind nuts or seeds, turn the machine on and off frequently to get the desired size of them.

iii) Soups, Sauces & Dips:

Another reason to invest in a good-quality blender is for making dips, soups and sauces. Keep the gas and stoves aside on weeknights when you can simply use this amazing appliance and get something quick and easy. Blades of a high-quality blender usually generate heat that helps in having the final product you can dig in! Alongside that hot bowl of soup, get your dips too and add some veggies in quick for a quick taste to the otherwise bland preparation.

iv) Dough & Batters:

Investment of a new blender makes sense when you’re thinking of rolling out great breads, muffins, cakes, waffles, cookies and pancakes from the kitchen. All you need to know is the recipe and the good blender should be able to get eggs. Salt, sugar, flour and baking soda and buttermilk combined well. Result- you get buttery and fluffy pancakes set out on the table.

v) Easy Cocktails & Juices:

Imagine friends coming over and you have the perfect scope to amplify the fun, using your blender. A refreshing, delicious drink can not only make the perfect ambience, but you can prepare these for outside travel purposes too- like beach parties, by the pool and so on. Just ensure you balance your ratio of ice to liquids and keep some ice handy to obtain a thicker consistency. Healthy green smoothies or normal smoothies are also easy to make in blenders.


3) Value For Money

A blender might have been a luxury at some point, but now we know that much like other appliances, you should get one. But not at the cost of forsaking your budget! A quality blender from a generic, cheap brand would not set your back certainly; but think to yourself if that’s what you want.

Investing on the perfect blender means you check for reviews, analyze your budget and most importantly, gauge the longevity of the product. The power settings and few advanced features should help you make your choice and if it would be value for money well spent.

Remember, not all blenders are created equal. Invest in a good quality one and see how wonderfully you can boost your kitchen skills in no time.

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