Best Portable Blender For Travel In 2021 – Huge Offers!!

Travel brings along lovely memories- counting days, packing, making arrangements and so on. Naturally, while heading out to a coveted place, you would need to pack only those items that would be easy to carry, say for example, portable blenders. Although there’s nothing else than the best portable blender for travel, choosing the ideal option can be fun, despite the challenges.

You need to consider your eating habits thoroughly, so that you don’t miss out on healthy snacking and of course, the enjoyment! Getting a mini portable blender hence, is certainly a wise decision. Whether you choose rail or air travel or maybe a local place could be reached via buses and private cars- it’s true that travelling can take a toll on your body.

In these circumstances, getting the required nutrition from smoothies and shakes can only happen after you decide to carry the best portable blender for travel. You can also make your protein shakes with help of the portable blender or else you can check out our review on best blender for protein shakes.

In fact, some models these days come with necessary upgrades, which should make your task of selecting the most appropriate option an easy one.

Besides, if you happen to be a smoothie fan, then blenders are musts! Imagine taking that bulky kitchen blender with you- wouldn’t you crave for a smaller, compact and lightweight kitchen staple? That’s the precise reason why portable blenders are trending. Also, best personal blender for smoothies can be a good option if you are not a great fan of portable blenders.

Think like this- you carry your portable blender outside. That serving of morning drink or a milkshake before you head to sightseeing or simply work rejuvenates you for the day. It’s not tiny, rather moderate in size, but quite robust as opposed to the size. With the USB connection, you can even charge up the blender in a jiffy and get your glass of fresh, delicious, blended drink.

So all those who thought commuting, grabbing that sandwich and coffee and looking famished is what work life means, think again. It’s time you save yourself from the prevailing poor eating habits and consider investing on the best portable blender for travel. There can be nothing better than finding space in your office or travel bag to accommodate this lovely gadget that would suit your hectic lifestyle.

Even during vacations, especially when you decide to go trekking, camping or hiking- let not your nutrition suffer. Most experts who have travelled extensively will also suggest you among the several hacks they share- keep the best portable blender for travel handy. Ensure you research on a bunch of varied models available in the market at present.

It’s true that the options might scare you or even make you confused. So much so that you’ll be left wondering at what will be the best fit.

To save you from the hassle, here’s taking a look at some of the apt choices among portable blenders that would be no less than blessings to you! From chopping, grating and pureeing to emulsifying, liquefying or plain mixing- these blenders are great for whipping up some healthy food mixtures.

And remember you’re choosing the correct small travel blenders and not just any random one, so pay special attention to the design.


Best Portable Blender For Travel [Updated Review]

1) Ninja Professional Plus Portable Blender For Travel

Best Portable Blender For Travel

The professional Plus Blender with Auto-iQ is one of the most updated and modern blenders that boasts of a sophisticated design, and even better and robust motor than the original blender from the house of Ninja.

A straightforward looking model, this is a good choice for preparing large batches of food. Quick and hassle-free when it comes to cleaning, you will love it all the more for its ability to crush ice. However, this is a tad slow in terms of rolling out creamy, silky smoothies and nut butter.

The impressive looks can immediately get any customer to think of investing on it and that’s totally natural! Both motor base and transmission are made of plastic, which is quite solid. Even the main jar is made of the same, yet durable.

Two suction cups are kept at the blender’s bottom so that it stays in place, but movement can occur while blending is in full progress. The crushing pitcher has a total capacity of 72 oz. while the maximum liquid capacity is 64 oz.

The motor on the whole can get to 1400 peak-watt, and you also have a stacked blade assembly, instruction manual, quick start guide and an exciting recipe inspiration guide, while purchasing.

The blender comes with multiple preset modes and speeds. Also, there’s a dedicated Pulse mode. The 3 preset Auto-iQ programs are the ones that help you get your frozen drinks, desserts and smoothies real quick, thanks to the touch of a button.

Alongside, the crushing blades will ensure smoothness in consistency for each of the items placed inside. You can carry along when travelling or even store it inside the kitchen.


2) Supkitdin Portable Blender For Travel

Best Portable Blender For Travel

At 500 grams, this is by far one a great blender that you can possibly lay your hands on. It measures 3.25 x 3.25 x 9.12 inches, which certainly proves how handy the item is.

Constructed of food-grade and non-toxic PCTG material, which is extremely eco-friendly and BPA free- the blender has a silicone base, with non-slip and shock absorption features. The juice blender is also designed well using a very safe magnetic induction.

Now that updated blades are present in the blender, you can extract your juices, shakes and more via the strong power system and 6 PCS 304 stainless steel blades. Also, the motor is made of pure copper that can start and gain quick speed and hence, ensures longevity in use.

Naturally, it won’t be much of a hassle to prepare fruits and veggie smoothies within a couple of minutes or so. With a USB juicer cup that has 2000 mAh rechargeable batteries made of very high quality, you can actually recharge it using multiple ways- like AC adapter computer and power banks.

Besides, the charging time is only 3 to 5 hours, which when fully charged can produce no less than 15 to 20 cups of juices.

This one is green in colour and looks quite unique that ways. You can mix fruits, vegetables, protein shakes, milk powders, baby supplementary foods, juice blends, smoothies and all such nutritious snacks using this, at home or work.

You can even work it like a common bottle for daily use or keep inside the kitchen. Compared to most others, this blender is lightweight and portable, so you can even think of gifting someone for an occasion!


3) Popbabies Portable Blender For Travel

Best Portable Blender For Travel

One look at this petite, cute design and you’ll know what portable blenders mean. At 14 oz., this jar is perfect to take along while you’re on the go. Compact, yet sturdy, use this at home, work or even while you’re travelling to a far off place. The fact that it’s dishwasher safe makes for another reason why you should invest in it.

The PopBabies blender has versatile and safe to-go cups, made of high-quality food grade material. This way, you can be sure that foods like shakes and smoothies are made fresh and stay the same.

Even baby foods can be made in it, as much as fitness freaks’ favourites like protein shakes and juices. What stands out about this blender is its ability to be charged while blending function continues.

Most wouldn’t think of this but having a compact size hasn’t reduced the power of this blender! It’s strong enough to smash nuts and seeds, crush ice cubes, and even frozen fruits and veggies.

You can also be at respite knowing that no plug issues arise when travelling to distant lands.

PopBabies is a name to contend with when personal blenders are concerned. Designed by the US artists’ team and manufacturers having more than 3 decades of experience, the product is no doubt one of the bests in the market.

With a high powered 175 watt motor and 4000 mAh battery volume, this works to its full capacity when plugged in. Besides, it falls under a feasible price range, so needless to say that it would be a rather worthy investment.


4) Hotsch Portable Blender For Travel

Best Portable Blender For Travel

BPA free and made of eco-friendly, non-toxic PCTG and food-grade materials, the portable blender is a unique one, if you see from the standpoint of its magnetic induction automatic stop design. Then comes the non-slip, shock absorption base and a silicone based charming port protection.

With such a well-thought safety design and high-quality material make, expect duplicate protection against the outer covering of the blender. So keep sipping that delicious juice as you can rely on it to ensure wholesome freshness.

With a glossy blue finish, the mini blender is quite easy to work on and clean. Thanks to the power button having an indication lighting design, you can easily decipher if it’s safe and ready to work.

Additionally, it comes with a cleaning brush that would help you clean the corner of the juicer cups. It’s advisable though that you don’t soak this into the water and wash. You can add water inside it and long press the power button to activate the self-cleaning mode.

At 100 grams and a built-in USB rechargeable battery of 4000 mAh, you can use power banks, PC or any USB power source to charge it up, within a time span of 3 or 4 hours and use almost 15 times! A plus point of this blender is its high level of rotation frequency at 24000 times per minute.

Also, the juicer cup has 6 PCS 304 stainless blades with voltage rated 7.4. With these features, the blender takes barely 45 seconds to whip up fresh smoothies, shakes, baby foods, frozen desserts and fresh juices. This is in fact so lightweight and portable that you can also use it as a water bottle.


5) Aoozi Portable Blender For Travel

Best Portable Blender For Travel

Another in blue (somewhat icy), this blender weighs a little more than 500 grams and is made of food-grade PCTG material which is eco-friendly. Imagine travelling by buses, trains or even aircrafts- this one is easy to carry and you can also make baby foods while you’re on the go.

Safe to use, the CE, RoHS, FCC approved kitchen cum personal appliance has 304 stainless steel blades, which can be cleaned easily too, without harming the hands.

Compare it with any ordinary 4 or 6 PCS thin blades inside blenders and the Aoozi will show you how it’s different!

Far more robust than any ordinary 2000 mAh blender, this one has an in-built 4000 mAh battery and an equally sturdy electric motor generating 22000 rpm/min speed.

The 13.5 oz. USB rechargeable blender is a good choice if you think of long-lasting nature and definitely, a long-life cycle. You can keep this charged for 3-5 hours using an AC adapter, computer or power banks, to generate use of about 20 to 30 times. This way you can save a lot of time on washing and charging.

To get started you can pour some water inside the personal blender and double click the ON/OFF button to begin automatic cleaning. Inside the package, you get one USB cable, one machine, one user manual and a brush for easy cleaning.

Now you know why visits to the gym or even while sightseeing in travel hours can get exciting with this amazing blender. Try making more than 50 different smoothies’ recipes using this power packed appliance.


Buying Guide For Best Portable Blender For Travel

Among the best investments that you make in your life, one would certainly be a compact, portable blender. Well, there are many reasons for saying so. Know more benefits of portable blender here.

Think about people who are constantly on the move and how novice buyers are duped into marketing gimmicks- for them, these blenders will not only prove useful in the long run, but also not pinch their pockets much.

For the present lifestyles, when stainless steel blades need to be sharp and smoothies and juices served quick, there’s no beating the power of portable blenders.

Buying the best model is not a very difficult job actually, but with the large assortments in blenders, myriads of manufacturers and retailers, shades, shapes and sizes and of course, performance, power, capacity and the budget- determining the apt one is a real challenge. You must also take into account individual tastes, requirements and preferences.

Here’s taking a look at some of the most pertinent factors that would define the choice of the best portable blenders for travel.

1) Blender Jar / Pitcher

It is via this that you can assess how the liquids or foods should be funnelled down to initiate proper mixing and blending. If you take the selection criterion here, it is the material composition of the blender pitcher or jar.

Ideally, the common materials include polycarbonate, stainless steel and glass. While the materials keep varying in the properties as per manufacturers too, you should always check the basics right.

For example, features like scratch and brake resistance, dishwasher safety and such constitute foremost factors when purchasing your blender.

Now again you have merits and demerits for each. In glass blender jars, the weight is more than their polycarbonate counterparts. Also they’re less resistant to scratch.

Stainless steel on the other hand has a sleek look, but is not transparent. In case you’re dealing with solid foods or drinks, check to see that the pitchers are wider and produce less clogging.

2) Blender Power

Determination of power is simply done by the watts/horsepower that the machine has. You have some advantages when you choose a powerful blender.

Imagine your fruits and veggie drinks to be served within minutes and that too, in a much smoother and creamier consistency. High power of the portable blender also implies that you can produce fresh peanut butter using nuts.

Milkshakes and frozen drinks, desserts can also be made faster with crushed ice cubes.

3) Blender Blades

If you look carefully, most blenders make the blades integrated inside the pitcher or they’re detachable. As a result, you can easily clean the containers when producing foods that are mostly thicker.

Also it must be borne in mind that the risks of wear and tear and even leaks increase if there are more moving parts. Blades can come in different sizes, shapes, widths and lengths.

So check to see that you have 2 or 4 or 6 prong blades, and accordingly you can use as per your need.

4) Blender Speed

While you’re selecting your portable blender, don’t forget that the power of the blender is indeed very important. But speed as a factor cannot be disregarded either.

Certainly you don’t have a blender that has ten speeds! A number of blending tasks can be handled when you just have three speeds and the pulse option.

5) Blender Design

In a vast majority of cases- two types of blenders are common, one is the countertop and the second, is immersion or handheld. On the one hand, countertop machines provide better jar capacity; they’re far more versatile, sturdy and powerful.

Also, not to miss out the fact they occupy more space! This applies for both use and storage. On the other hand, immersion types are far more handy and convenient while you travel (for that allows you to blend in pots and bowls).

So even if they offer lesser power, they take less space too.

6) Blender Jar / Pitcher Capacity

Jar capacity keeps varying, with the common range being 40-64 ounces, corresponding to 1.2 to 1.9 litres. You know what your need is exactly, so remember to buy the exact size of the blender pitcher or jar.

Or else, chances of overloading in the blender cannot be ruled out. In order to decide the best jar capacity, take into account the number of heads who would use the blender.

For example, you can have a single member suing it or the entire family, and accordingly the portions of foods and drinks will be decided.

If you’re using baby foods, the capacity is different from the one that prepares meals for the family or when you choose to use it at the time of treating friends over snacks.

7) Blender Cleaning

Imagine you’re travelling. Would you really have the time or scope or even space to clean up the equipment? The answer is no. hence, ease of cleaning is a crucial factor when buying the portable blender.

Besides, you should also check the lid. The last thing you would probably think at the time of travelling is your smoothie or juice soiling out of the cup and running all other things! Hence, see to it that the lid is sealed secure and firm always.

The best portable blender for travel is the one that serves you the exact purposes. It’s quite evident that portable blenders are chosen for a variety of reasons and not merely the ice-crushing ability.

And don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking that portable blenders are somewhat inferior to the larger ones, because of their size or shape.

8) Blender Size & Weight

To be travel-worthy, a blender should be compact and lightweight. Carrying a bulky one will not only take a lot of space unnecessarily, but you will be exhausted carrying this on a constant basis.

The market is flooded with compact designs, so take your pick wisely.

9) Blender Battery or Cord

These days, most travel blenders are cable operated, as in they work from the mains. But few also run on batteries. It will be worthwhile learning that the ones which run on batteries aren’t that powerful.

So if you bear this in mind, perhaps the task of choosing will become easier.


Final Thoughts On Best Portable Blender For Travel

Start researching from now if you wish to invest in the best portable blender for travel. After all, convenience is important and so is the hassle-free cleaning process.

On top of that, if it fits snugly inside your bag, is robust enough to carry out all the blending functions- then surely, you don’t need anything else.

No one size fits all! So do not make a decision because someone has purchased a blender at a discounted rate or from a certain shop or because they were guided by the personal preferences (which are perhaps no way closer to yours) and so on.

Travel blenders are often called personal blenders, for the simple reason they offer more flexibility in daily usage. Now the onus lies on you.

There’s nothing called competition in matters that are exclusive. So read up reviews, check for feedback and take the best decision for yourself and your needs.

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