Best Personal Blender For Smoothies In 2021 – Best Offers!!

How about enjoying your frozen margarita on a hot and fiery summer afternoon? Well, it is now possible if you get a quality personal blender solely customized to make yummy smoothies. If your kitchen space is really small to fit another heavy gadget on the slab, get the best personal blender for smoothies to meet your needs anytime.

A personal blender will not take a lot of space in your kitchen but will give you a finely blended creamy smoothie to make you cool and refreshed during hot summer days.

Now making quick smoothies, green smoothies or chilled cocktails is no more a hassle when you consider buying a personal blender and keep it in your storage. It can be the best option if you live alone away from your home. You can also check out best portable blender for travel as they are compact in size and easy to use.

Most of these blenders come with more than one cup along with a secured lid which means you do not have to clean in between every use.

When you wish to buy a personal blender, you have to be updated about the basic features of the gadget. Making an informed decision is necessary to avoid getting disappointed later. Certain things that you should consider are the wattage, power, cup size etc, also the best blender with glass jar can also be a good option if you are looking forward to buy a blender with accessories.

There are a plethora of options available in the market. But, not all blenders can satisfy your needs. That is why we have come up with this user guide. We have listed 5 top-notch blenders for you to ease your buying decision. These are the best personal blenders for smoothies according to their features and performances.

We have tested each and every product to find out how great it is in breaking ice, coffee beans, blending fruits for smoothies and more. If you wish to prepare nutritious smoothies without any hassle, read on to find out which blender can perfectly suit your needs. Without further ado, let’s begin.


Best Personal Blender For Smoothies – Updated Review

1) Ninja Nutri Pro Personal Blender For Smoothies

Best Personal Blender For Smoothies

Making single-serve shakes and smoothies is no longer a hassle when you bring home a Ninja Nutri Pro Compact personal blender you can also call this is a small blender. If you are looking for the best personal blender for smoothies that can extract the vitamin from your fruits and vegetables flawlessly, your search ends right here.

With an elegant black and silver finish, this personal blender looks great in your kitchen by adding to its aesthetics. The most impressive part is, the blender gives you a 900 power wattage that can blend your smoothie to give a creamy texture that you would love to gulp.

This blender has an inbuilt extractor for vitamins and minerals which can bring out the exact goodness of the fruits and vegetables you put in.

You can get 100% evenness and smooth consistency of the juices with high nutrients blended in it. The ice, skins, seeds and stems are crushed perfectly to make it rich and yummy to the core.

The parts of this blender are BPA free and also safe to use in the dishwasher. It also blends and crushes the portions of the fruits and vegetables that are discarded.

When you twist, sip and seal the lid to make a perfect smoothie, your morning breakfast is sorted within a few minutes.

The blender comes with two different cups with 18oz and 24 oz respectively. The lid is strong enough to resist spilling or overflowing the juice.

The usage is also easy with the security lid. You just have to seal the lid and pulse it once or twice to get a nicely blended perfect smoothie. Start your day afresh by purchasing Ninja personal blender for smoothie.


2) Ninja BL480D Personal Blender For Smoothies

Best Personal Blender For Smoothies

This one also belongs from the family of Ninja with some better and unique features to die for. If you want a personal blender with more upgraded features, opting for this small blender would be a wise decision.

With 1000 watts motor and Auto IQ Technology, this blender has pro extractor blades to extract the last drop of nutrients from the fruits and vegetables.

The vitamin and mineral extraction of this personal blender is so flawless that you will be amazed. Within just a few seconds, it can break the ice, crush the skin, seeds and stern of the fresh fruits and vegetables.

To liquefy the ingredients, the Nutri Ninja pro blender blades rotate at an incredible high speed. The Auto IQ blender comes with two preset programs with which you can make your favourite drink in seconds.

The FreshVac technology removes air from the pressure and provides vitamins and minerals with ultra-rich taste of the smoothies and shakes. It removes oxygen to lock in vitamins and keep it fresh overnight.

You can make your personalized drink and keep it in the 64 oz. There will be no hassle with blending and you will not get a single extract of fiber or peels when you drink your morning smoothie.

Another best thing about this personal blender is it never locks oxygen that creates air bubbles inside the smoothie. This will make your drink smooth just like its name.

Get ready to bring home this awesome personal blender and make every morning blissful.


3) Ninja Personal Blender For Smoothies

Best Personal Blender For Smoothies

Probably there is no other brand than Ninja which is perfect when it comes to the best personal blenders for smoothies or best blender with cup. This 700 watt motor is best to suit your pocket as well as meet your needs.

It has an additional Pulse technology to lock all the goodness of the rich nutrients present in the fresh fruits and vegetables. Moreover, this blender is great for frozen blending.

Your frozen fruits and ice can break and crush within minutes. So, if you are alone and have to attend a few guests, go for frozen margarita on these Summer days to cool your guests’ souls.

You can also use nuts in your smoothie as it can blend it well. You have to push the fresh fruits and ice lightly inside the cup and let the super power blades do the rest.

Your delicious smoothies will be ready with a fantastic creamy texture. The blender comes with 2 different cups with to-go lids that get fitted in most of the car cup holders.

The cups are for single serving smoothies perfect to ensure an active lifestyle. If you are a gym freak and trying hard to lead a healthy life, make your weight loss smoothie in this blender to get the perfectly extracted vitamins and minerals from the smoothie.

The blender is safe to use in the dishwasher and also easy to store. A small kitchen space will no longer be a concern to you. Highly recommended for bachelors who stay away from home alone for work. Go for it!


4) Hamilton Beach Personal Blender For Smoothies

Best Blenders

Hamilton is another renowned brand for kitchen equipment. This one is considered as a small blender and has a useful design which is perfect for your small kitchen.

You can also carry it with you if you are travelling somewhere yet don’t want to miss your morning smoothie. It is 100% BPA free. With just one touch blending it gives you super creamy and delicious smoothies and shakes.

You can also make salad dressing, marinades, baby formula and more with this superb personal blender. The 14 oz cup is for single serving.

With a 175 watt motor, it ensures fast and reliable performance. This portable blender can also be used to prepare sauce and chutneys which can be a perfect addition.

Moreover, the Hamilton blender will not add to your financial burden. If you are living alone away from your home, this blender will perfectly suit your needs. Keep your morning hassles at bay by bringing this unique personal blender home.

The personal blender is also easy to clean and safe to use in dishwashers. You just have to use a gentle cleaner with a soft cloth to clean out the extracts from the jar.

Apart from that, you can directly put the cups into the dishwasher. If smoothie and shakes are your staple diet, this is the high time you make this Hamilton personal blender your best friend now.


5) Sboly Personal Blender For Smoothies

Best Blenders

Sboly best smoothie blender is the last product added to our list. This personal blender will allow you to make smoothies and shakes in an effortless and quick manner.

This blender allows a simple one touch operation. When you bring it home, preparing morning smoothies will no longer be a hassle. The cup that comes with the personal blender is portable. You can prepare your smoothie in just 10 seconds.

Sboly the best smoothie blender is compact and well-designed. It has a robust 300 watt motor to provide a good speed that can prepare your smoothie in a jiffy.

It has 4 stainless steel blades which are sharp enough to cut your fruits and vegetables and break the ice instantly.

All the parts of the blender works magnificently with the BPA free feature. It is 100% safe to put in the dishwasher too. It has a security lid that will avoid spilling out or overflowing the blender. Go for this blender which is available at an affordable rate.

The blender comes with an additional ice cube tray made up of silicon. This will allow you to prepare your smoothie quickly and conveniently.

Do not put the motor base in the dishwasher as it is not safe to do so. Otherwise, the rest can be washed. Get yourself a Sboly personal blender without delay.


Buying Guide For Best Personal Blender For Smoothies

The good news is that most blenders can smooth. You need to know the differences between blender types, however, so that you know which one really suits your needs.

There are some various blenders to choose from – each has its own advantages and cons with specific features. You can also go through “Reasons To Invest In A Blender” if you have any second doubts on getting one.

The following is an overview of the main features that you need to consider and decide which will work best for you while buying the best personal blender for smoothies.

1) Number Of Cups

Individuals may not want to store multiple cups, but when you make smoothies for the family, one could be nice for each person. While you can usually purchase additional cups for the blender, it is convenient to get what you all need in one kit precisely.

2) Power

Although wattage is not the perfect indicator of the power of a blender but it is a good indication. Typically, you will not need as much power when you blend softer foods (like bananas and yoghurt) as somebody who plans to blend hard vegetables, ice and frozen fruits. Higher power can also make a blender a little noisier however, that can be mitigated when you bring a blender with high power wattage.

3) Cup Sizes

How big is the smoothie of your morning? Do you want to blend it into several cups once and then, or do your family members like different flavours? Look for a blender with more than 20 oz of space.

4) Storage Space Availability

Size is also important for storage. Do you have enough storage for the mixer and its various accessories, jars and cups? Is the blender small enough to store the mixer under kitchen cabinets or on the kitchen counter? It is likely that up to 17″ tall would fit most of the cabinets. Go for a small one while choosing personal blenders if your kitchen space is small.

5) Hassle Free Clean-Up

Is the jar safe for washing? Is it an easy 1-piece to clean? Touch blenders are easier to keep than those with knobs and dials. Most of these blenders are safe to use in dishwashers.

6) Control Over Blending

More mixing speeds mean greater control of the mixing process. But 5 Pulse velocities are sufficient. When frozen or other tough ingredients, the pulse function is useful. It also helps if you have to clean or over-treat ingredients.

This is one of the determinants of the quality of the result – is your smoothness really smooth? Can the blender effectively crush the ice? Get a blender which allows you to give you the best control over blending.

7) Power Of The Motor

Overall, we have found that more than 800 watts are recommended for really smooth and high-quality blends. Lower blenders could produce fewer impressive results. However, other factors are just as significant and could have even more impact on your end results, such as blade and jar engineering.

For this reason, the watts function is often overrated as salespeople concentrate on what is easier – compare wattage numbers than know which blender produces better results.

8) Material Used

Either plastic, glass or stainless steel is used as blender jars. Many prefer plastics because they are lightweight and easy to manage. It may absorb smells, however, and stain and scrape.

When you have been using a plastic pitch for a model, make sure that it is a “BPA Free” that is safer for food. Glass jars are heavier and more breakable, but do not easily absorb smells or scratches.

An important warning – glass jars with powerful blenders could be less sure to use because if a metal object such as a spoon is forgotten in a glass jar, it could shake and cause injury to a glass jar incidentally. If you don’t like plastic or glass, a stainless steel jar is an alternative. The fact that you cannot see the content while it is mixing.

9) Longevity

Will the blender survive for years when you crush a lot of ice and hard ingredients? Does it really work and safeguard the engine and have overload shut off? The cheaper models are usually quickly worn or burnt, sometimes just a few months later.

Usually the higher end models work for years as new. Check the reviews properly before going for a personal blender.

10) Attached Accessories

Some blenders include a manipulation device that helps ingredients move inside the pitcher and mix better but it’s just another part to work and clean afterwards, in our experience. To achieve the same effect, use the Pulse button of the blender.

11) Warranty

You can save you from expensive repairs later on and your guarantee is a kind of insurance policy. Higher models offer five to nine years, whereas lower price models generally give only one year.


What Helps You Make An Informed Decision While Purchasing Blenders For Smoothies !!??

Always ask these three main questions before making the final call so that you can make an informed decision and never regret later.

1) How Strong Are These Personal Blender ??

Personal mixers generally are not as powerful as standard mixers since they have smaller motors, but most punch is sufficient to whip shakes and smoothies. The exact power level varies with the wattage.

The higher the number of wattages, the stronger the mixer motor. Before you purchase, check the specifications to compare the power of various personal blenders.

2) Can You Blend Frozen Fruits In Personal Blenders ??

Yes, in a personal blender, you can put frozen fruit. It is important to add the right liquid to frozen ingredients in order to achieve a smooth blend. For recommendations, check the User Manual.

Try to let the fruit sit in a room temperature 5-10 minutes before mixing to partly thaw and blend.

3) Can Personal Blenders Crush Ice ??

Some personal blenders can crush ice, an essential feature if you like edible coffee drinks, shakes, and frozen margaritas. The stronger the engine (i.e. the wattage is greater), the better it can handle ice.


Final Thoughts On Best Personal Blender For Smoothies !!

Choosing a personal blender that can suffice your requirements is no longer a hassle. Follow our buyer’s guide to make the best decision. There are a plethora of options available in the market but you need to keep certain things in mind that not all are effective to provide you with the best performance.

To examine each product and provide you with objective, accurate results, we use standardized and scientific test methods. If your own research has produced different results, email us and we will compare notes. We will gladly re-test a product to try and replicate these results if it looks substantial.

Peer reviews are, after all, a crucial part of any research process. Get one personal blender of your choice and find out how it performs. Do not forget to share your experience with us here. Good Luck!

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