Best Blenders For Protein Shakes In 2021 – Never Seen Prices!!

Among the standard staples in the kitchen, blenders are common. As one of the most versatile appliances, blenders are more than merely making smoothies! You can try using the best blenders for protein shakes for an array of reasons- namely dips, soups, and sauces, beverages like juices, spreads, burgers and even desserts.

To an extent, most people are a tad sceptical about whether they should invest in blenders owing to a certain intimidating feel they provide. Think of sharp blades and you’ll know why. Barring this, there’s no other concrete reason why you shouldn’t invest in the best blenders. If you wish you can also invest and try the best blender with glass jar.

Now that most households own blenders and both men and women do not shy away from exploring their culinary potentials- creating meals is undoubtedly a fun job. Imagine the time you can save simply by resorting to a blender that would have otherwise taken a considerable portion of both your time and energy.

Experts say that a good quality blender or the best blender is indeed a true add-on to a cooking or dining area that can be especially helpful for those who like their protein shakes perfect. If you happen to be someone who cannot think of anything but munching on protein bars or the smoothies/green smoothies and shakes; then the post-gym habit certainly calls for buying the best blenders for protein shakes.

Unfortunately, most gym enthusiasts are not aware of the extra calories they consume, alongside expenses while they purchase these shakes from retail units. It’s far wiser and safer to make a protein shake back at home using your own blender. That hefty monthly bill you incur as a result of such unnecessary expenses can be cut down in a jiffy, once you purchase a good quality blender.

One can also give a thought about buying the best portable blender for travel. As sometimes you can be in need of a protein shake while travelling or your workout space is a bit far from your house, then you can use your portable blender.

Not only will it help you track your calories and exert control on your consumption habits, but also you can save your hard-earned money and utilize it in nutritious foods and supplements. Since blenders can be used for mixing, crushing, pureeing, and emulsifying foods, it is often called a mixer (and sometimes even grinder).

The fundamental difference is that mixers or mixer grinders tend to process the foods dry, like chopping, combining, grinding, grating and all these without liquids! On the other hand blenders basically process foods that can flow through the blades. Liquid foods come under the purview of it, unlike the former.

It is for this reason that blenders are the foremost choices when thinking of creamy foods. Though you can always use blenders to chop dry foods like coffee seeds, nuts, legumes and sometimes veggies too; but options for varied cutting types are limited.

The market is currently flooded with several options in blenders and customers can choose the best fits, depending on sizes, shapes, thicknesses, functions and of course- budget. Most importantly it must be noticed that the blades used in the blender should be a high-quality one.

After all, you certainly want longevity out of it, so check to see that the product purchased is true value for money. The following are few popular choices among best blenders for protein shakes that rank at the top. You can take note of the features and choose the most befitting one for your needs.


Best Blenders For Protein Shakes [Updated Review]

1) Hamilton Beach Blenders For Protein Shakes

Best Blenders For Protein Shakes

If nothing else, the blenders’ raspberry shade should make it reason enough to invest in it! Coming from the brand of Hamilton Beach, this one makes smoothies and protein shakes easy and while you’re on the go. After all, life’s supposed to be a little easy, so the blending jar comes with a travel mug and lid, so that you pour from it and drink wherever you head to.

Gone are the days of finding the right cup or spending excessive time to clean blenders. Using this, you can simply remove the jar from the base and drink as you keep walking or running. In fact, it’s fairly easy to clean it after you keep the jar and lid inside the dishwasher.

The blender aids in one-touch blending, and the blades made of stainless steel are durable enough to get the work fast and consistent. Besides, the blender is quite compact in size and portable, so that you can carry anywhere- homes, offices or while travelling.

Whether it’s a nutritious breakfast or even some quick juices and shakes that you need to sip, take it along and see for yourself how it fits almost every car holder perfectly.

Since it comes with measuring lines at the front of the jar, there’s ample flexibility and freedom with which you mix the ingredients. The on/pulse button works to the maxim when started and you get the perfect consistency as the output.

Priced reasonably, the blender is available in a plethora of colours like blue, red and black and white too.


2) Hamilton Beach Power Blenders For Protein Shakes

Best Blenders For Protein Shakes

Summertime calls for delicious smoothies, ice-based drinks and multi-flavoured shakes- which means the Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function blender is exactly the tool that you need, With a 700 watt peak power, the blender comes with 12 blending functions that would crush ice, make creamy milkshakes and blend frozen fruits for desserts, only if you fix the right setting. Much like most blenders, this one can also whip up amazing purees, dips, sauces and dressings too.

The multi-function blender has 5 simple buttons on a very easy-to-read control panel. The patented wave-action system extracts the mixture inside the blades for the best results. In case you’re a little sceptical about the blades, they are removable.

So when cleaning, ensure to take them out carefully and clean the lid, glass jar and blades inside the dishwasher, for easy and safe cleanup.

After cleaning, let the parts of the blender dry and then you can pack the parts safely. Thankfully, the cord fits inside the bottom of the blender for ease in storage.

There’s a unique no-mess pour spout available with a hinged cap to facilitate hassle-free pouring. For the best results, the liquid should be placed inside the blender jar first and then the remaining ingredients can be added.

This somehow helps the mixture to move about inside the blender and thus produce smoother results. Try using more liquid if the mixture is thick and doesn’t seem to blend easily.

Durable in its make, the blender is backed by a warranty period of 3 years and the cost is feasible too.


3) Sboly Blenders For Protein Shakes

Best Blenders For Protein Shakes

For those who wanted a blender to smoothies and juices in a rather quick and effortless manner, this personal blender is the best answer.

Simply choose the one-touch operation and you can have several drinks, shakes and more in even less than 10 seconds! Once you see the juice or your favourite drink is ready, pull off the portable cup and you can enjoy it at your convenience. 

With a robust 300W motor, this blender is known for its compactness. Thanks to the unique and compressed design, this is an ultimate blender that you can carry wherever you go.

Unlike most blenders that are bulky, large and most importantly difficult to store, this one allows for easy storage. All the parts of this blender are BPA-free that ensures safe and healthy drinking.

Only after you install it in the LOCK place, will this work. Be careful to see that you don’t blend fruits or any other food parts with less than 1/3 rd liquid, for chances of motor overload and damages are likely.

The good news is that the blender comes with an automatic recovery function and overheating prevention. This way you stay assured that your family is safe with this product inside the house.

The 20 oz. Tritan portable blender cups can be cleaned easily. It comes with an additional bottle brush that you can use to wash the portable blender cup.

Besides, all the other parts of the motor base are also marled dishwasher safe. Not for together, a silicone ice cube tray is also included to aid in your smooth preparation!


4) Ninja Blenders For Protein Shakes

Best Blenders For Protein Shakes

Ninja Fit is the perfect example of a kitchen appliance that can perform multiple functions. Powerful compact and easy-to-use, the blender is another add-on that you can take along when you choose to travel.

Thanks to the Ninja Pulse Technology, you can make smoothies, juices and all things nutritious in the double 16 oz. Nutri Ninja cups.

The 700-watt motor that the blender has is adequate to chop down all the whole fruits and even tough ingredients like nuts, seeds and leafy veggies.

No wonder, it would help you get perfect “nutrient extractions” to obtain optimum energy while working out or simply chilling back at home or with friends.

To let the Pulse technology function at the maxim, just push down on the cup lightly and let it blast through the ice and frozen foods inside.

Within a few minutes your blended ice dairy items, nuts, fruits and all such components would be mixed and made into a delectable smoothie! In much the same way, you can try extracting a drink by breaking down vegetables and fruits replete with vitamins and minerals.

Marked dishwasher safe, the Nutri Ninja cups, lids and even blade assembly can be washed with ease. After you dry the parts, you can store the blender without experiencing much discomfort, thanks to the slim design.

When you buy it, check for all such parts mentioned in the label package and indulge in a total cooking spree with the 50-recipe inspiration guide. That should be a great way to relax with an equally great company after a tiring day!


5) Ninja Professional Blenders For Protein Shakes

Best Blenders For Protein Shakes

A professional blender 1000W, this one from Ninja brand (and manufacturer SharkNinja) boasts of a sleek design and robust performance with 1000 watts of professional power.

The maximum liquid capacity is 64 ounces, while the blender jar is about 72 ounces. Overall, it can help you get heaps of creamy, frozen drinks, juices, smoothies and desserts for yourself and the family, for the latter you can churn out loads of daiquiris and margaritas, especially for the capacity.

All you need to do is blast ice into snow in almost seconds and your smoothies, sauces and dips stand ready- after you’ve put in the ingredients together.

The professional grade motor (as stated) is of 1000 watts and comes with an exclusive blade design that crushes ice almost instantaneously. So even when you insert fruits and veggies, the work is done quickly.

The crushing blades will assist in not just crushing and blending, but also controlled processing and pureeing. Had there been no 6-blade assembly, this crushing job would have taken a longer time. In fact, compared to most other blenders, this one does it better, and smoother.

Most fitness freaks swear by this when they need to make drinks and smoothies in great quantities. Similarly, to hit it off with friends and colleagues who you invite for an evening, make restaurant style dips to accompany pastas, salad dressings and even salsas.

For anyone thinking of having the finest blends, investing on this is definitely worth the money spent. Just ensure you use a damp cloth to wipe clean the motor base every time you use this.


6) Jusseion Blenders For Protein Shakes

Best Blenders For Protein Shakes

The smart touch screen in this blender starts off the work right away, without you having to press any button. The modes can also be set up easily and you can rest thinking that the blender will function on its own.

A wonderful technology truly, you don’t need to stir the ingredients either. The count-down timer ensures that it is auto shutoff too. Imagine when the hand is at rest you can accomplish so many tasks!

With 1200 watts high performance optimized AC motor (120V 60Hz), the blender indeed produces a great and smooth taste of all such foods prepared herein.

As you use, you’ll realize how easy it is when drinking or eating healthy after you optimize the six-tooth blade that cuts up fibres and cell walls of all such ingredients.

At the time of cleaning up, simply detach the blade from the cups. You can clean it easily and also rinse conveniently with water, like the cups. Much like other blenders, this one also features a dishwasher safe feature for cups, lids and blades.

Though it takes up some space in the kitchen, you’ll love how it sits on the counter and you can access it anytime. There are a total of 4 suction cup feet to provide extra strong grip, so that it doesn’t move away from its place. Besides, you can choose to store it when not using it.

The Jusseion manufactured blender weighs 8.23 pounds and you can return this within 30 days after buying. There’s also a 12-month warranty on the product, alongside technical support and hassle-free customer service response within a 24-hour time frame.


Buying Guide For Best Blenders For Protein Shakes

Even while the term ‘blender’ implies mere mixing, blending and such; you can actually create some of the best meals and that too from scratch! Just like some blenders do a marvellous job of mixing batters, there are others to aid in the emulsification process like mayonnaise or aioli.

With options aplenty that currently flood the market, how would you really determine which one is the apt for you? Of course, compare a cheap and easy-to-us model with a somewhat super, high-speed performance blender and see for yourself.

But what if your budget is tight? Or what if the model you like looks great, but operations-wise, reviews don’t seem positive? There are practical considerations that you can’t overlook when purchasing a hand blender.

Read through to get an understanding, prior to any choice you make.

1) Motor Strength

It is because of the efficiency of the motor that you would possibly wonder if it has passed the test or not! Hand blenders having an effective motor will perform the best than any weak motor.

After all, checking the power is of foremost importance. So try and look for one that has a motor capacity ranging between 250 to 500 watts.

2) Speed

You will wonder at the different speed variations that hand blenders have these days. And having these variations is actually better when thinking of gaining control in executing the hand blender. In fact, there are some blenders that come with 2-speed variations and some are available with even 5 variations in speed.

3) Weight

Now that everyone is in a hurry, a hand blender that you can carry or use daily is a better fit than something bulkier. But then, there are few that you can only use in the kitchen and suit the requirements of even large families.

Overall, it’s better to take the decision as per your need- but ideally, a lightweight blender is a wiser choice. You should see the conveniences if you require it on an everyday basis.

4) Design

Looks indeed go a long way in shaping our decision and blenders also make it to this category. You surely would love the idea of good colours, a comfortable design and something that would be easy to hold.

So your hand blender is the best one if it has a great grip. Imagine the appliance slipping through your palm or fingers and the usage of it is permanently discarded. You wouldn’t like that.

5) Conventional or Modern

For low-intensity blending tasks like fresh fruit smoothies, milkshakes, frozen desserts and the like, you can think of smaller, less expensive and conventional models. But if your needs are diversified and you have a plethora of tasks to fulfil, count on something modern, hassle-free and that performs quick functions.

6) Jugs – Capacity and Materials / Shape

So how many servings would you need? Jug capacity in blenders can vary from as less as 600 ml single serve blender to even a family-friendly option at 2 litres. Some jugs can also become heavier when lifted or moved, after they’re full.

Invest on those that have measurement grading at the side to indicate how much the blender can store. Also, glass jugs are comparatively heavier and can break, if dropped. Plastic on the other hand is easy-to-use but becomes stained with few foods.

Think of what you can do with and also the shape, like round, or square. Manufacturers usually design them after estimating how ingredients can be distributed around, but the turning force (torque) and blades also affect performance.

7) Cleaning and Usage Ease

Any model that comes with removable blades assists in making the cleaning at the bottom of the jug far easier. There are built-in blades in a few models but if the base is wider, at least you won’t hurt yourself when cleaning.

Check to see that they are dishwasher safe, so that you don’t have to bother about blade cleansing. Sometimes lids can be troublesome when cleaning, if seals need to be removed.

The comfort matters here- whether it’s the locking of the jug or scraping off ingredients at the sides.

As long as you keep these very essential factors in mind, your buying process shouldn’t stress you out a great deal. Now budget is no doubt an important aspect governing the same, but that’s largely individual.


Final Thoughts On Best Blenders For Protein Shakes

There’s no ideal blender that would do all the tasks and fit your pocket likewise. However, upon careful selection and reading through essential reviews and feedback, you can come to a decision. Most importantly, check on what you need exactly and do not let others’ choices determine yours.

For example, if you’re someone who has to hit the gym on a regular basis and need something to keep yourself hydrated, invest in a moderate sized, quick-performance blender. However, if you happen to run a business or have guests coming over frequently, a nice model that can be stored inside the kitchen will do you no harm.

Nowadays you have several options- so unleash your culinary skills and improved tastes of foods that you would have never thought of making earlier using manual labour. Besides, get some immunity boosting ingredients in the same smoothies and shakes recipes and see how your health tends to get better with time.

Kitchen preps are now far more simplified than earlier, and thanks to these amazing appliances we have. So why not get a blender to make life simple? But yes, don’t forget to check for sturdiness, durability, performance, power and the latest upgrade, when you’ve already made up your mind to go for it.

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