Best Blender Buying Guide – Must Read!!!

People who spend most of their day in kitchen knows how difficult and exhausting cooking is. Let it be your hobby or duty we have to accept it that cooking is not an easy task.

Thanks to the modern day technology that has introduced us with so many cooking tools and gadgets. Amongst so many tools and gadgets around us, today we are going to talk about the best blender that can truly change your cooking experience.

Deciding to purchase a blender can prove to be a difficult job as there are so many options in the market. We always advice our viewers to make a qualified and educated purchase.

A normal top quality blender can help you with grinding, crushing, making juices & smoothies etc. Almost all blenders are capable of doing this job, so you don’t need to purchase an extremely expensive blender for your day to day cooking and kitchen chores.

In this article we are going to discuss about few things that you should always look for before buying a blender for your kitchen. Below are the points that you need to keep in mind always:-

1) Quality Of The Blender

A blender should be not only shortlisted by the features but also it’s built quality. A high built quality blender will have amazing durability. We should also check if the blender is BPA free and Dishwasher Safe.

2) Wattage (Power)

Wattage is basically a unit to define power of  machine or motor. When it comes to blenders there are different types of blenders with different Wattage.

A blender which will be used for heavy and hard blending should have more wattage. Blenders which are just used for mixing can have lower wattage as high wattage in this case is not required.

Before buying any blender, first confirm your needs and then go for a purchase. This will help you select the blender with correct wattage.

3) Setting & Functions

Most of the blenders are operated with a simple button which mainly controls the speed of the blades. Latest blenders come with touch panels with not just speed control feature but type of grinding, power adjustment, more than 10 speed options, etc.

These are very fancy blenders which are not required for home use. Blenders with touch panels or too many buttons will be difficult to clean and blenders should always be easy to clean as they are big in size.

One more drawback of  blenders with touch panel is that it won’t be durable as the other blenders, as water and other factors can roast the mechanism of machine.

We will always advice to purchase a very simplistic blender that fits your need.

4) Blender Size

Size of the blender is also one of the important factors when considering to buy the best blender. You wouldn’t want your blender to be too big so that it doesn’t fit your kitchen shelf or kitchen platform.

Always check your kitchen space before buying a blender.


Final Thoughts

In this article we have mentioned some of the most important factors that you need to go through before buying the best blender. We have reviewed many blenders and thats why we know what are the important factors here.

We always believe in making an educated purchase and we recommend our viewers to do the same.

If you find this article helpful do share it with your friends and family who are looking to buy a new blender.

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